About us

First off, welcome to The Revit Collection. I thank you for taking the time to visit and I thank you even more if you made a purchase! This website is the realization of an idea I had many years ago while working at an Atlanta architecture firm as an intern architect (a.k.a. full-time Revit modeler). With the recent economic downturn affecting my job and life, it allowed me the time and opportunity (read: I didn't have anything else to work on!) to once again explore this venture. It is a culmination of my passion for Revit modeling and the need for more real world Revit content spanning many hours of hard work and perseverance.

On this site you will find almost entirely modern furniture/appliances from manufacturers that were determined by this completely arbitrary non-scientific criteria: 1. Do I personally like their stuff? 2. Could it be efficiently modeled in Revit? 3. Has it been done before? If my answers were yes, yes, and no, then I would begin the content creation process. Some of these manufacturers you may be familiar with while others are completely unknown to you. This is where I believe The Revit Collection benefits everyone involved. It provides exposure for those lesser known manufacturers and is also a great source of content for designers using Revit. If there is a certain manufacturer's product or product line you would like to see on here please contact us to make a suggestion. After all, another source of inspiration in creating this website was frequent semesters of my interior design students asking me to model all sorts of objects to put in their Revit projects.

As the founder of this site, it gives me great pride and joy to see it finally come together. I truly hope all the Revit users out there are able to benefit from it in some way. This is a venture I have invested nearly all of my time and a good portion of my money into so I personally ask one thing of you... please do not copy or attempt to resell the content you see on this site. I believe the content is priced extremely affordable and I did this to make it accessible to everyone from professionals at major firms to design students using Revit for the first time, in addition to preventing the issue I just mentioned. Feel free to start your own collection to make available to users- there are certainly plenty of manufacturers and categories to choose from!- please just don't use mine.

Finally, there are some people to thank that have made this idea a reality...My business partner, Alex Al-Hamdan (arccentric); these words you are reading would never exist without him; Geno- the "Revit Samurai" that has taught me a lot of what I know about Revit; and Chase- one of my former students that helped ramp up production for The Revit Collection when I had a million other things to do to get this site up and running.

Thanks again to everyone!


Kyle Benedict