Information and FAQ's

Here are a few things we think will be helpful to know before purchasing your Revit component from The Revit Collection.

I don't have a paypal account, how do I use my credit card?

We use paypal for credit card processing. During the checkout process you will be briefly redirected to paypal where you can choose to pay with a credit card.

The Revit Collection component standards

We've provided more in-depth information about our modeling standards; learn more.

AutoCAD-Free Zone

This means you will not download a Revit component only to find the object inside is a solid imported CAD object. Everything here is 100% modeled in Revit and you will never find it any other way at The Revit Collection.

Face Based Components:

Nearly all of our components start out as a "face based generic model". The advantage to this over a specific object based component (such as a floor, wall, ceiling, etc.) is the ability to place any object nearly anywhere regardless of what you are placing it on. Note: Despite starting as a generic model, we still change the category to be appropriate to whatever the object may be. If you think the only way to place a face based model is to be in a 3-D view, then please watch the short video for an easy tutorial on the alternatives to this.

File Sizes:

The majority of our Revit components utilize detail lines for plan views in addition to applying the extrusions visibility settings to "Fine" in the detail level. This point is reiterated in the "Type Comments" of our components. The reasons for this are to help your projects run as smooth as possible and cut down on the lag Revit is known for once projects become highly populated. Though file size is often portrayed as a significant issue, we believe (to a certain extent) the issue itself is slightly overrated. Using these methods alleviates that issue in most cases.


Every component in The Revit Collection contains material parameters. However, we do not include specific product material patterns, images, etc. We set the parameters to make sense for that particular object so sometimes they will be instance parameters, type parameters, or a combination of both. Take a second to view the component then set your materials for it within your Revit project.

Autodesk Seek:

The products you download here are not Seek certified. We model to Seek requirements if requested by a manufacturer, otherwise the reward is not worth the time it takes to do it and that savings in time is passed on to you through our affordable pricing. This is the major difference between our consumer components and our professional manufacturer components.

File Sharing:

We are very aware there is no way to prevent file sharing of Revit components (yet). But we ask that you respect us and the time we put into this venture by not sharing the products you buy with others. We are trying to prevent this by offering these at extremely reasonable prices, while still trying to support ourselves and what we do. Please don't download these and then start your own website offering them for free or uploading them to one of the existing free component sites. We are just trying to make a living doing what we love like everyone else. Please contact us if you come across any instance of this. Thank you.